1943 Remington Rand M1911A1
Government NM Parts Rework

This 1943 Remington Rand is fitted with USGI national match parts. The fit and finish is excellent with the hammer dropping around 4 pounds and the slide nicely fitted to the frame.  All parts on this gun are USGI national match parts. The slide is a 1942 Colt on a 1943 Remington Rand receiver. It shoots just as good if not better then any of the high end 1911s you can buy on the market today. Configuration is identical to a 1962-63 SA National Match pistol minus the stampings, right down to the barrel link, modified sear spring, and modified hammer! Quiz time - Why do I say 62-63 and not 1962 or 1963? Look closely at the images and the the characteristics chart which I have a link to below. Click on images to see a larger version.

You know its not a SA National Match because:
1) No "SA" and "NM" stamp
2) No "US" stamp on rear sight
3) No serial number on barrel and bushing ( last four numbers on it), just National Match part numbers
4) Number on slide does not match last four serial numbers on frame

Click here to view the distinguishing characteristics chart of 1955-1965 National Match pistols.

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