Small Arms of the Civil War
1861 to 1865

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The Civil War was the greatest conflict the United States of America ever dealt with, with approximately 600,000 Americans losing their lives during this conflict it was the highest price ever paid by the U.S. in any war. The Civil War literally had brother fighting brother and friend fighting friend. While some believe the war was just about the freeing of slaves if you talked to most southerners you will learn it was about stopping the attack of their home state by the aggressor Northern States or Federal Government. The Confederate States truly believed that the U.S. Constitution gave them the right to succeed from the Union at anytime. On the following pages you will find images of the side arms that served in the great  conflict and supporting information I have gathered through research and correspondence with other collectors. If you are a student of the Civil War and its side arms or if you have a family heirloom that was used in the war please feel free to contact me with a email at
Ty Moore

Navy Model 1842

N.P. Ames .54
Savage Navy Model

.36 Caliber
Model 1861 Army

Remington .44 Caliber
 Model 1860 Army - "US"

Colt .44 Caliber
 Model 1860 Army

Colt .44 Caliber
Model 1863 Army

Starr .44 Caliber

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