Contributors, Thank you!

I wish to extend Special thanks to all the other collectors who have made their images and knowledge available.  I have attempted to credit images to their owners, but posting credit for information or conclusions is logistically impractical. I wish to acknowledge the help and assistance that has been provided by other collectors and researchers, but for practical reasons I can only list, in alphabetical order, the names and email addresses of those contributors who agree to be cited.

Karl Karash ( - For making parts of your collection available to view, your generous assistance in editing and proofing this site (and writing contributions), supporting the forums, and for all the knowledge you share with the whole of our collecting community! You will never know the impact you have had on this collector :-).
Charles W. Clawson - Though I have credited Mr. Clawson through out the site, I feel its very important that we recognize the ground breaking work that Mr. Clawson provided to the whole of the 1911 community. His written work is the basis for any serious research on the M1911/M1911A1 and Government Models. Thanks for all your hard work. Images found on this site that are reused from Charles Clawson's books are used with his permission.
No content on this site can be copied for redistribution or commercial sale with out permission from CGS.
Assistance in research and on going feedback: Scott Gahimer and Ben Reyes.

Special thanks to the following contributors:
Ben Reyes - M1911/M1911A1
Bob Best - Model 1892 to 1903 New Army and Navy -
Bruce Canfield - USGI Shotguns
Charles Pate - Colt Model 1860
D. Kamm - M1911/M1911A1
Dave Helton - M1911/M1911A1
Joel Babcock - M1911/M1911A1
Johnny Peppers
- M1911/M1911A1
John Holbrook - M1911/M1911A1 -
Karl Karash - M1911/M1911A1/USGI Revolvers/M1 -
Kevin Williams - M1911/M1911A1
Michael Chop - M1911/M1911A1
Scott Gahimer -  M1911/M1911A1/M1903 - 

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