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When you think of customized pistols, what comes to mind? Is it a full on race/competition pistol with the fancy optics or a chromed pearl handled Colt? Truth is there are all kinds of packages offered from todays master Pistolsmiths. Some people invest alot of time in determining what it is they want on/in their own custom 1911 pistol. You could spend months looking for the right pistolsmith and then several more compiling your list of parts and desired touches.  If I were to attempt to classify the different types of custom pistols that are built I would list them as Custom Carry/Self-Defense, Custom Competition (Target/Practical/Speed or steel), and Custom Bespoke (best of the best, you leave this one to your next generation - you probably spent their college tuition on it).  There may be others but these are the three categories that come to my mind right now and this doesn't include the semi-custom packages from the likes of Les Baer and other limited custom production houses out there(and I must say Les Baer pistols are custom, just built to a package specification).  Regarding cost, pricing varies from $500 for a basic self-defense package to $4,000 or more for a full blown competition/race gun! So, start saving now if you really desire one!

Why do people order custom pistols? Because they can, and in some cases, like when you carry one for self defense or a living wouldn't you want your life backed by the best tool you could afford? I now I would and do.  In the gallery listings below are some fine pistols, while not all of the great Pistolsmiths in todays industry are represented some of the ones I admire and respect the most are and that's why they are included.

So if you are thinking of getting a custom pistol I hope this page helps you! If you have a pistol that you hold in high regard and would like to see it posted below, send me email as I would be happy to consider posting it here.
Regards, Ty Moore

*While I have built myself a few 1911s over the years, I am not a professional gunsmith nor do I have a vested/financial interest with any of the Pistolsmiths listed below.

Custom Carry/Self-Defense Pistols
Les Baer Thunder Ranch and Premier II Ted Yost Gunsite Colt Commander (c)1994
w/ Les Baer Thunder Ranch
Gunsite Specifications

Yost-Bonitz 1* Custom Model 1911-A1
More details - Click HERE!

Moore Battleship Colt Commander
(Ty Moore and D&V Custom Collaboration)
More details - Click HERE!

D&L (Dave Lauck) Colt Custom built in early 1980.
Colt Combat Elite
with Colt Tactical package by Don Williams at Action Works
Competition Pistols
Colt Pistol by Burns Custom Pistols
(IDPA/IPSC Limited 10)
More details - Click HERE!
Black: SVI Built by D&V Custom
.38 Super
(IPSC Open Division)
Chrome: Tripp Research
.38 Super
(IPSC Open Division)

Black STI by Gene Shuey
(IPSC Limited Division)

Stainless Caspian by D. Dorsette
(IPSC Limited 10 Division)

D&V Custom .38 Super
(Won several National Championships)

Les Baer P-II with 1.5 inch guarantee setup for Speed/Plates Competition
Bespoke Pistols

Burns Custom Pistol - Tsunami
More details- Click HERE!
(BCP Tsunami web page)

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