1945 Remington Rand
Mt Rainer Ordnance Depot
SN 2141110

This gun was part of Government order W-30-115-ORD-515 total contract size was for 110,400. The majority of guns in this serial number range where shipped to Hawaii. First gun shipped in 1945 was approximately SN 2,031,600 with last one Remington Rand manufactured being SN 2,465,139. Notice the unique upside down FJA stamp (Figure 4) and the MR arsenal stamp (Figure 6).

This pistol has the stamp of the Mount Rainer Ordnance Depot. MR was located in the Tacoma, Washington area. Most people assume just because a fire arm has a arsenal stamp that it was rebuilt/over hauled. Such is not always the case, as with this gun I would safely assume that the only work performed was a good cleaning and inspection as it is 100% correct for a 1945 Remington Rand. Also see the 1943 Ithaca on this site with the RIA (Rock Island Arsenal) stamp. For collectors of arsenal stamped guns, the MR stamped guns are amongst the rarest.

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Figure 4

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Figure 6

It appears that the only thing the depot did was inspect and stamp this Remington Rand as all parts are proper parts for a 1945 Remington Rand.

From the T. Moore collection