1918 Colt M1911
Gangster Gun?

The original contract date for the manufacture of this gun was dated September 18, 1917. The gun was shipped from Colt to the Commanding Officer of Springfield Armory on February 26th, 1918 and then appeared again when it was recovered by New York Police Department on January 25th, 1938 (see Springfield Research Services book below). Click on images for larger version.

This gun was in awful condition when I found it at a pawn shop. Dave Helton of D&V Custom Guns masterfully restored it.

I was going to part it out...
Notice the Circa 1930s Colt full checkered stocks.

The mob would remove the "U.S. Property" because it was a felony to be caught with a "U.S. Property" stamped gun.

From the T. Moore collection

Springfield Research Services 1999 edition. The actual listing in the Springfield book.  

What was going on in New York City during the 1930s when this gun was recovered by the New York City Police Department?
New York City is the place of origin for organized crime in the United States. These are the five families in the New York City outfit of La Cosa Nostra ("our affair") and the bosses that lead them during the 1930s. The Gambino (Vincent Mangano), The Genovese (Charlie "Lucky" Luciano/Frank Costello), The Colombo (Joe Profaci) , The Bonanno (Joe Bonanno), and The Luchese (Gaetano Gagliano).

In 1936 Charles "Lucky" Luciano was known as The Boss of Bosses. He had previously established Murder Inc. with Bugsy Siegel and Myer Lansky, two other well known gangsters. Most street thugs where not equipped with a gun of this caliber. Could this gun have played a roll in the hay day of the N.Y. Mob? One can only imagine!

NYPD Mug shot of Lucky Luciano (L) and Bugsy Siegal (R)

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