1941 Colt
M1911A1 - SN 728475

1941 Colt M1911A1


In 1941 Colt shipped 34,756 M1911A1 pistols, the majority had a parkerized finish which was a Type II phosphate finish. The early 1941 example below is of the earlier brushed blue finish which ran until about 736,000. Also found on this pistol are the early Coltwood plastic stocks with the hollow back and mold numbers. The acceptance mark on this pistol is from Colonel Robert Sears (RS) who was the Executive Officer of the Hartford Ordnance District as well as the Army inspector of ordinance.
1941 Colt Model 1911 A1

Milled trigger, Slide lock, and
RS acceptance stamp

RS and G stampings on top of

Matching serial number on
slide by firing pin hole.

Proper small G marked barrel

P indicates proofed
1941 Colt and 1942 Remington Rand 1911a1
1941 Colt (top) and
1942 Remington Rand (bottom)

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