1942 Remington Rand

This is one of the first Remington Rands produced ,some of the unique characteristics include the Du-Lite blue finish, the early grips with no reinforcing rings, Type 1 slide stamp (referred to as the New York slide, as it is spelled out unlike the T2 and T3 stampings which are "NY"). Notice also the machined trigger and the very early production stubby Remington Rand hammer. Barrel is a early Colt with the "G" stamp underneath. Springfield barrels are also found in this range.

Most of the pistols in this serial number range where shipped to the U.S. Navy. Post military service this gun was utilized by a Chicago Law Enforcement officer as a uniform carry gun. This pistol was acquired from the collection of Karl Karash, well known and respected Military Firearms collector and editor of the 1911s section of the Krause Military Firearms Price Guide.

This gun is all original parts (Slide, receiver, barrel, and small parts) with the one exception that the slide was severely pitted and blackened for uniform carry by the law enforcement officer and thus had to be hand restored by Karl Karash. Finish remains original and untouched on all other parts. As with a typical 1942 production the slide is smoother and darker then the receiver.

Short stubby early hammer

Milled trigger

Early checked main spring housing

Early grips without reinforcing rings

From the T. Moore Collection