1942 Colt M1911A1
Commercial to military conversion

In 1942 Colt transferred 6,575 unsold Commercial pistols to the Military. The pistols were reworked to bear the Military numbering, finish, and inspection marks. The original Commercial marking and serial number on the frame were obliterated and re-marked with the Military markings. The serial number under the firing pin stop plate was also renumbered . The slide retained the original Commercial markings. All of these conversions appear to have the Swartz Safety cutouts, but do not have the Swartz Safety parts. On this pistol, the '2' is still visible under the firing pin stop plate of the original Commercial serial number. Click on images for larger version.

Left view

Right view

Colt commercial marking

Notice the rough metal from
the original serial number

Checkered slide stop and
"GHD" inspectors mark

Both the slide and frame bear
the commercial sales S mark

Swartz Safety cutouts

Re-stamped slide
serial number

"Colt .45 Auto" and "G"
marked barrel

Final ordnance inspection
mark is clearly struck. Most
are at an angle and only
partially struck.

Milled and checkered trigger

Checkered thumb safety

Checkered mainspring housing

Original Colt .45 Auto
marked parkerized bottom
pinned base magazine
From the collection of
Joel Babcock