1943 Remington Rand - M1911A1 (Type II)

This is a early Du-Lite blue Remington Rand with type 2 slide, early ring less grips, Checkered small parts, and HS barrel. There is some pitting, appears the slide was touched up with cold blue and rust was polished off. This pistol has its original parts and is the correct configuration. This is a rare early Remington Rand in the 970000 serial number range. Notice the raised grips screws, this was common on early examples. The identifying characteristic of a Type II is the RR legend spans the length of the slide stop, while on the Type III slides it only runs 70% of the length and on Type I Remington Rand legend New York is NOT abbreviated.

Left profile

Right profile

Type II slide legend

Early grips and
Ordnance marking

Common RR marks

"G" inspectors mark

All small parts
are checkered

FJA and Proof stamps

Proof mark

High Standard mark

This seam is unique
to General Shaver magazines. GS was a division of Remington Rand and contracted by the Government to produce magazines.

General Shaver magazine marking.

Unique characteristics of this pistol include:

  • Type II Slide

  • Du-Lite blue finish

  • WWI Slide stops - RR had to purchase 2,865 slide stops left over from WWI. these are Colts and Springfield Armory manufacture.

  • Rare early Keys grips, with no circles around the screw holes.

From the collection of Kenneth W. Hoffmann