1944 Remington Rand
SN 1377211

This Remington Rand appears to be all correct. It was produced in the beginning of 1944 and could be a 1943 manufacture. Gun has all the proper small parts and High Standard barrel. Finish is approximately 95%. This pistol was delivered under contract number W-740-ORD-2441 dated August 1943. Total order was for 161,732 guns. A lot of guns in this serial number range where shipped to the United States Navy. First gun shipped in 1944 was approximately SN 1363700.
Interesting part of this gun is that it is one of the latest observed with the checkered main spring housing. I would be interested to hear from other collectors with guns in this SN range as to if theirs has the checkered or ribbed main spring housing. Consensus appears to be this is possibly correct and original to this gun.

From the T. Moore collection