Remington Rand M1911A1
Demonstration/Presentation Pistol Serial # 135

The Remington Rand Demonstration or Presentation Pistols were apparently made from mid to late production parts, but were pulled from production before any military markings could be applied. There may have been only one batch of these pistols totaling less than 150 in number. This pistol was shipped with a Springfield barrel which were used until mid 1943.
This pistol was received with the original Kraft shipping box. A couple things worth noting:
1) The box and paper tape are the same color. Later reproduction boxes are white and covered with brown paper.
2) The cover has no area for a serial # as you will see on the later reproduction boxes.
3) The shipping paper is a soft cardboard embossed type paper.
This pistol, along with several others, were found in a Remington Rand vault in Buffalo NY in the early 1960's.
    From the collection of
Joel Babcock