1919 Model 1911
"Black Army"

Pistol serial #612133 is one of the last Model 1911s (The Black Army) produced by Colt. In mid 1918 Colt changed their method of finishing the military 1911 pistols in an effort to speed up production while improving the durability of the finish.  The “Black Army” finish was the result. From mid 1918 on the finish got blacker and duller.  Colts may have speeded up production, but the durability of the finish was not up to pre-war standards, as evidenced by the number of Black Army pistols with finish that has partially flaked off.  The vast majority of Black Armys have considerable flaking.  As this finish begins to wear it almost appears to be a dark grey parkerizing.  Features common to all late Black Armys: “United States Property” on the right side, Eagle acceptance mark on the right side, Interlaced HP marked barrel, Heart shaped cutouts under the stocks,  and double diamond walnut grips.

Pistol serial #612133 is the actual gun featured in Charles Clawsons Colt .45 Service Models, it has a full page spread on page number 177 figure 6-9.  I have included close-ups of every part to make it easier for people to use it as a reference for 1918-1919 M1911s.
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The Black Colt next to its
pictures in Charles Clawsons book

From the T. Moore collection

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