1912 "Navy" Colt
M1911 SN 3218

This is one of 500 Navy Contract M1911s shipped on June 1st, 1912 to the U.S. Navy, General Storekeeper, U.S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N.Y.

First year production World War I NAVYs after serial number 2000 have the brushed blue finish, the Type I "H" marked barrel (with serifs until about serial number 7500).  WGP (Walter G. Penfield Major, Inspector of ordnance) acceptance mark, double diamond grips, type I stepped base lanyard loop magazine (until about serial number 4500), circled horse at left rear of slide, rounded rear sight, fine wire serial number on right front of frame, (until about serial number 4500 when it was changed to gothic style), 1911 last patent date on slide, the transition type 2 magazine catch lock (dimple/slotted from about serial number 3190 to serial number 7500), and the non-concave mainspring housing pin. U.S. Navy pistols in original condition like this one are very rare and highly sought after.

Right profile

Left profile

Slide stop and
inspectors cartouche

Navy marking and
serial number

Colt patent dates and
U.S. Property mark

Colts Legend



Rounded rear sight

Rampant Colt

Type 1 - Step bottom
base magazine
Images courtesy the
T. Moore collection