1943 Colt
M1911 A1 SN 869053

This Colt was manufactured in early 1943 and is electric pencil engraved "Lt. Comdr. R.H. Stroh U.S.N.". The frame and the slide appear to have blue showing under the parkerizing, indicating that they may have originally been commercial parts that were converted to military by refinishing. It has the Colt marked barrel with a G in front of the lugs, narrow front sight, milled trigger, ribbed grips with large circles around the screws, and wide spur hammer.

Right Side
"Lt Comdr R.H. Stroh U.S.N."

Left Side

GHD and Proof marking

Hammer and thumb safety

GHD Acceptance mark

G for Government order

Ordnance Bomb

Colt verified proof and
inspectors stamp

G marked Colt barrel

G marked slide

Serial number under
firing pin plate

Assemblers mark

Checkered safety

Rear site and
proof P mark

UN marking

Guide rod

Checkered mainspring housing
Images courtesy the
T. Moore collection

Note 1:
Notice the large reinforcement rings on the plastic stocks. These are referred to by collectors as "Coltwood" or type 7 stocks. The rings are wider and the checkering pattern is a bit coarser and sharper than on the stocks that would be found on a Remington Rand or Ithaca.

Note 2:
Colt duplicated the serial numbers of Remington Rand and Ithaca in the range from serial#856405 to serial #958100 due to confusion in the assignment of numbers.  Therefore a pistol was made by Ithaca that bore the same serial number as this pistol.  Fortunately slides and receivers made by Remington Rand and Ithaca can be identified by their normal factory applied markings as well as their final acceptance markings of F.J.A. rather than the G.H.D. marking applied to Colts made pistols. This Colt is in the Ithaca range.

  • This pistol shipped in 12/1942 or 1/1943 to Springfield Armory.

  •  The barrel has the proper large "G" in front of the lugs.
  • Colts made pistols between serial #710,001 and about serial #1,140,000 had the serial number stamped under the firing pin stop plate as well as stamped in the normal place on the receiver.