1912 Colt M1911
S/N 67

Serial no. 67 Colt M1911, was assembled on Jan 6 1912 and shipped in the second wooden crate along with 49 other 1911s on January 18th, 1912 to the Commanding Officer of Springfield Armory. The first crate was shipped exactly two weeks earlier containing 50 pistols serial numbered 1 through 50.  These very early production 1911s incorporate several unique features that were quickly discontinued for ease of manufacturing. (Large and small font on left side of slide (until #83). Large “UNITED STATES PROPERTY” (until about #104).  No alignment mark on slide or rear sight and horizontal orientation of WPG cartouche (until about #100).  Hand checkered parts (until about #150).  Unmarked barrel (until about #373).   This pistol retains the original oil blued finish, and most of the small parts have the brilliant fire blued finish.

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wpe2.jpg (44798 bytes)
Left side profile
wpe4.jpg (36349 bytes)
Right side profile
wpe6.jpg (37323 bytes)
S/N forward of the 
slide stop hole
wpe8.jpg (47572 bytes)
Blued parts: slide stop, thumb safety, stock screw, trigger, and hammer. 

wpeA.jpg (40045 bytes)
The United States Property was reduced in size at about s/n 104, the Colt address legend was reduced in size around s/n 83. 

wpeC.jpg (43333 bytes)
Rounded rear sight. Notice the hand checkering on the slide stop and thumb safety, this was discontinued at about s/n 150. 

wpeE.jpg (16199 bytes)
No alignment stake marks on the rear sight or the slide
wpe16.jpg (8948 bytes)
Front sight .058" wide at base, and tapered at about .038" at the bottom. 
wpe14.jpg (18530 bytes)
Colt assemblers code
wpe12.jpg (33887 bytes)
Hand checkered thumb safety
wpe1E.jpg (12203 bytes)
Original design

Revised design

First type sear spring had no curved lip.

wpe20.jpg (5156 bytes)
This is the first type sear spring. The sear spring was the first safety problem associated with the M1911.

wpe22.jpg (3057 bytes)
Main spring housing pin. Type I rounded on both sides used from s/n 1 to about s/n 6500
wpe2A.jpg (2929 bytes)
Type I dimpled magazine catch lock used from s/n 1 to about s/n 3193. 

wpe26.jpg (33838 bytes)
The top pistol is M1911 s/n 140 which features the marks on the rear sight and slide. The bottom pistol is M1911 s/n 90 which does not.

wpe24.jpg (26593 bytes)
lanyard used for the early M1911 pistols.

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