1964 Drake National Match

Year Rear Sight

Front Sight


Barrel Link Front Strap Trigger Hammer Sear

Serial Number



1/8 .358 high Drake NM7791435








Each year since 1955, Springfield Armory had rebuilt a number of Service pistols to provide Match-grade pistols for competitors and students at the National Matches. Some National Match pistols were sold by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship after the matches. National Match pistols that were not sold would be kept in the rebuild cycle until the receivers were not serviceable and then destroyed.
Pictured below is a National Match pistol produced by the Springfield Armory for use in the Camp Perry National Matches. The 1964 National Match pistols are unique as it was the only year the armory used Drake slides which are specially machined and hardened. According to Springfield Armory records only 800 pistols were produced in 1964 (Considered to be one of the rarest and most desired variations) and only 195 sold to civilians through the DCM. Along with the pistol the competitor would receive three magazines that were also numbered to the pistol. When a pistol was purchased from the government the ordinance depot used a title transfer form which is rarely found today, but pictured below. This is the actual Drake NM Pistol featured on page 316 of the "2003 Standard Catalog of Firearms". Click on images to see a larger version.

This pistol is still accompanied by the original serialized magazines as well as the title transfer document dated July of 1964 stating it was delivered by the Anniston Ordinance Depot. The original purchase price in 1964 was 17.00 United States Dollars. When I found this pistol it had early Colts grips with the large reinforcement rings. In the profile pictures below I replaced them with the NM specified Colts Walnut grips for representation of the correct configuration of a 1964 Springfield Armory National Match. Always save the replaced parts if you swap them and keep them with the pistol, as in this case I am not sure if the Colts plastic grips came out of the Aniston Ordnance Depot or were added later (It is likely the grips have been on this pistol for the last 40 years). Click here to view the distinguishing characteristics chart of 1955-1967 National Match pistols.

Pictured with proper
Colts walnut grips


Title transfer document

The "T" stamp indicates passed
targeting test requirements.

NOTE: It is believed that the dot/prick marks located above the magazine release are SA proof markings. This receiver has three dots thus it is assumed it was in the matches from 1962-64.

Bushings are numbered to the gun serial number

Barrel are numbered to the gun serial number

Colt post war NM barrel

Magazines are numbered to the pistol. Gun shipped with 3.

Little manufactured WWII issue

US ordnance mark

Front strap is milled with
a checkered pattern.

Remington Arms National Match Ammo from 1965

RA 1965 NM Ammo

RA 1965 NM Ammo

RA 1965 NM Ammo

RA 1965 NM Ammo

Pistol with ammo, serial numbered magazines (2), and DCM paperwork
From the T. Moore Collection