1927 Colt 1911A1 
Argentina Army

Modelo 1927

In 1927 Colt manufactured 10,000 1911A1s for the Argentinean Army. This contract is unique in that it had its own serial number range starting at serial of: 1 to 10,000, and the pistols were marked in accordance with Argentine requirements.  The only normal Colts markings are the standard left hand slide legend. These guns have the serial numbers in three places, the barrel, the slide and on the receiver frame under the main spring housing.  Also notice the G marking on top of the receiver that would normally indicate “Government Order”.  The corresponding mark under the slide is faint enough that it cannot be identified precisely and may be a “S” for “Sales”.  Under the left stock, and around the upper grip screw bushing are the three commercial inspection marks normally applied to visible areas of the pistol.  Below the bushing if the Colts “Verified” proof mark, “VP” normally applied to the upper left trigger guard bow just below the final inspector’s mark.  Behind the bushing is the Colts final inspectors mark, “S” (normally applied at the top of the left trigger guard bow.)  In front of the bushing, is the Colts assemblers mark, “20” normally applied to the top right trigger guard bow. This pistol does show the normal Colts “Prancing Pony” on the left. Most of these pistols observed have been refinished, but the example shown in Clawson appears to retain the original finish as well as the “Prancing Colt”.  Notice the RA in a circle stamp on the receiver, barrel, and hammer.  This marking indicates “Republic Argentina” and was applied by Argentinean inspectors at Colts.

These “Modello 1927”, made in Hartford, by Colts, pistols should not be confused with pistols made in Argentina under license from Colts, and marked D.G.F.M. Both pistols are quality products and generally interchange, but there is a perceived difference in value between the two. Reference Charles Clawsons “Colt .45 Service pistols”.

**Be careful as there are also 1911A1s that where actually manufactured in Argentina under license from Colt.


From the 
T. Moore collection

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