1961 SA National Match .45
M1911A1 Service Model

Year Rear Sight

Front Sight


Barrel Link Front Strap Trigger Hammer Sear

Serial Number


1/8.458 high
or Micro

1/8 .358 high service


Mark 13






The match pistol program was launched in 1954, the first year of competition the pistol issue for competitors was standard military M1911A1 pistols. The second year (1955) Springfield Armory introduced a match-grade pistol for competitors to use. Below is a example of the 1961 national match grade pistol. Click on images to see a larger version.

All Springfield Armory national match pistols are stamped with both a "SA" and a "NM". Visit the 1964 NM page for more historical information on the NM program and accessories

Original NM box label

Original Box

Original Pistol Pouch


NOTE: The original box is not plain Kraft cardboard, but it is the thicker, corrugated type. The original box has the following  stenciled on top of the box: Federal stock number 1005-345-6124-9001, Pistol Auto C/45 M1911A1, NM W/E (stands for windage and elevation). Sometimes the month and year it was modified was  stamped on there, too, usually around June or July and the year. Springfield Armory on the last line.

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Images courtesy the Karl Karash collection. Special information contributions by Ben Reyes.

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