1919 Remington UMC M1911
Augusta Arsenal Rebuild

This is a Remington UMC Model 1911 produced in 1919 and refurbished by the Augusta Arsenal. Remington UMC only produced 21,676 total 1911s in the years 1918 and 1919. The Barrel, Slide, Frame, Slide Lock, and mainspring housings are original to the gun from 1919. The trigger and grip safety are of 1911A1 styles. Also notice the thumb safety is a early 1911 style but looks to be a Colt production. It would make sense to see a replaced safety as there has been observed a pattern of when the hammer was upgraded so was the safety.
Arsenal rebuilt M1911s are nice collectibles due to the extended length of service as well as the affordability of refurbished arsenal gun vs. the $3000.00 an all original Remington UMC specimen costs.
The Remington UMC made M1911s are the rarest of the production M1911s. (North American Arms Company never made it into production and there is no documented evidence they completed a gun) Reference Charles Clawsons “Colt .45 Service pistols”.

Full profile shot of the M1911

UMC grips had 13 rows of
checkering between the larger diamonds

The "AA" stamp is the mark
of the Augusta Arsenal

Close up of proper 1911 slide markings

Reparked AA finish next to
original Rem UMC finish

Nice close up of controls.
WWII era hammer, grip safety, and sights.

WWII era trigger and proper Rem UMC slide lock. Notice mill cut under hump.

The "P" on top of the barrel is proper for a Remington UMC produced gun.
  • This gun is in the 18,xxx
    serial number range

  • E.E.C. is the mark of Edward E. Chapman whom inspected 1911s at Remington in 1918 and 1919.

"E" on back of slide is the provisional inspection mark of Arthur W. Evans
 From the T. Moore collection

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