Singer Manufacturing Co.
1941 1911A1

In 1939 Singer was awarded a Production study of the Model 1911A1 pistol. This included prep of drawings, researching of production methods, and development of standard raw material sizes. On April 17th, 1940 Singer was awarded a educational order of 500 units to manufacture of the Model 1911A1 pistol. These pistols where numbered No. S800001 - S800500.

Singer management decided that production of the M8 Fire Control Directors was more in keeping with the company’s skill and manufacturing capacity and accepted a production contract in March 1941.  Consequently most of the Singer pistol tooling and manufacturing machines were transferred to Remington Rand and some went to Ithaca. Singer delivered only 500 pistols to the Ordnance Department, however an unknown number of pistols were made for factory employees although these were generally un-numbered and uninspected.

Note: Original and correct Singer pistols are highly desired by collectors and when sold, bring significantly higher prices than more common 1911A1 pistols.  The Krause Publications 2002 “Standard Catalog of Firearms Price Guide” lists (Original) Singer pistols in excellent condition (96%-98%) at $25,000, in very good condition (92%-95%) at $18,000, in good condition (85%-95%) at $12,000, in fair condition (65%-85%) at $7,000, and in poor condition (60%or less) at $3,500. Singer pistols are one of the most copied/forged M1911-A1s. Reference Charles Clawsons “Colt .45 Service pistols”.
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Inspectors mark:
-left side receiver is JKC 
(Col. John K. Clement)
-Top of slide ("P" pointing forward)
-Left side of receiver, Left barrel lug
Semi-gloss nearly non-reflecting Du-lite process  bluing
Serial Numbers:
No S800001 to S800500
Mainspring housing:
Fine Checkered 
No rings, 31 rows of checkering between screw holes, hollow back with no reinforcing ribs.

Singer logo and
inspectors cartouche

Property mark and
serial number

Model Stamp


3 Hammer views

Rear sight and
proof mark

Front sight

Mainspring housing

Disconnector and
thumb safety

Thumb and grip safety


Ejection port
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