Union Switch & Signal Co.
Exp #61

According to Charles Clawsons books on military model 1911s/1911A1s a number of pre-production, trial run receivers, slides, and other components were manufactured prior to full production to setup and try out the manufacturing equipment. Approximately 100 pistols were later assembled with these parts and became these "EXP" marked guns.

Some of the EXP marked pistols were apparently made from frames which had been rejected for one reason or another. Some appear to have been previously stamped with normal 1911A1 markings. Both blued and parkerized pistols are known.  Blued examples are highly buffed and crudely finished. Some were given out as presentation pistols to officers and employees, some were used by plant security guards. All are highly prized by collectors. This pistol has the same number (61) as the Remington Rand ERRS. 61 also featured in the pistol gallery. This pistol was acquired from the collection of Karl Karash, well known and respected Military Firearms collector and editor of the 1911s section of the Krause Military Firearms Price Guide.

US&S and Remington Rand #61 Pistols
Right side

US&S and Remington Rand #61 Pistols
Left side
Click here to see the #61 experimental Remington Rand.

From the B. Kramer