Remington Arms Model 11 Riot Gun
Date: July, 1943 S/N 496804

This Remington Model 11 12 gauge Semi automatic shot gun is original and correct as issued for World War II . Serial numbers match on receiver, tang, trigger assembly, stock and barrel. Post World War II it was transferred to Civil Defense and has the marking from Livermore, California Civil Defense post on right side of stock. If you are looking for a complete reference on this subject I recommend the "Complete Guide to United States Combat Shotguns - Published in 2007" by Bruce Canfield. You can order it at Mr. Canfield's site -

Right profile

Civil Defense mark

U.S., Serial Number, ordnance bomb,
and Military Finish

Model 11

Barrel legend

Serial number and
inspectors stamp

U.S. and Ordnance Bomb inspection
markings on barrel

Left side barrel
OMM = July, 1943 Production date
Anchor = Remington Final Inspection Mark

REP barrel mark- Factory Proof Mark.
Right side of barrel

Magazine tube cap

Front sight

Serial Number on tang and
trigger assembly

Serial Number on inside of stock

Serial Number on Barrel

Inspectors mark

directions on how to adjust
for different ammo

Butt plate reverse
w/ screws

Inside stock

Stock inspectors mark

Butt plate

From the collection
of T. Moore

  • Serial numbers located on Receiver, Barrel, Stock, Trigger assembly, and Receiver tang. All match on this example.

  • semi-automatic/autoloader 12 gauge shot gun with a 5 shot capacity (4 in magazine)

  • OMM = July 1943

  • R.E.P. = Factory inspection mark

  • Original Riot barrels are marked with "Cyl."

  • Serial numbers ran in the range of 455000-500000, 700000-712000

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