1918 Remington UMC M1911

This pistol, serial #37XX was made by the Remington Union Metallic Cartridge Company, of Bridgeport Connecticut as part of their first delivery in 1918.  Remington UMC had only manufactured 21,676 1911 when the war ended and its contract was canceled. Early production guns have an "E" mark on the upper left of trigger guard bow (Fig 3), on the bottom of main spring housing (Fig 2), and above the firing pin stop plate. Above the right magazine catch button is the Ordnance Department Acceptance mark “E.E.C.” and an eagle head. “E.E.C.” is the acceptance mark of Edmund E. Chapman Major, Army Inspector of Ordnance, whom Inspected 1911s at Remington U.M.C. in 1918 and 1919 (Fig 4).  Remington U.M.C. barrels are usually marked with a “P” on the rear of the portion visible through the ejection port.  Most Remington U.M.C. pistols had a poorly applied finish as most examples show flaking as well as considerable erosion of the finish without erosion of the metal underneath. Reference Charles Clawsons “Colt .45 Service pistols”.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4
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Barrel Proof
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Inspectors marks
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Thumb safety
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Rear sight
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Slide markings
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Rear "E" mark
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From the T. Moore collection

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