1919 Colt/Ithaca M1911
Augusta Arsenal
/British Proof Marked

This 1911 has British Proof Marks and additional markings under grips "Special Equipment Agency, Athens Gr.".  The complete lower portion of the pistol was made in 1919 and is “AA” marked. This pistol appears to have participated in the liberation of Greece in 1945. This gun has London 1955 Proof Act stamps on Slide, frame, and barrel. Features common to all late Black Armys: “United States Property” on the right side, Eagle acceptance mark on the right side, Interlaced HP marked barrel, Heart shaped cutouts under the stocks, and double diamond walnut grips.

When this pistol was rebuilt at Augusta Arsenal they replaced the slide (Ithaca), Barrel (Colt 1937-43 era), Grips (Colt WWII), and parkerized it..

Amazing 1911 with great history. All parts and markings are GI. Reference Charles Clawsons “Colt .45 Service pistols

Left profile

Right profile

Ithaca Slide

Left profile, minus grips

British Proofs

British Proofs

AA=Augusta Arsenal

Stenciled markings
read "Special Equipment Agency,
Athens, Gr."

Serrated front sight

Colt Barrel - G mark was applied by
Colt from 1937 to about May, 1943.

Parkerized WWII
magazine (Little manufactured)

Parkerized WWII
magazine (Little manufactured).
Arsenal parkerized,
not by manufacturer

From the T. Moore collection

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