Colt Commando Revolver
.38 Special Caliber
Date Shipped: 1943
S/N 32839

Approximately 50,000 Colt Commando revolvers were purchased by the government during World War II, Colt manufactured these revolvers from 1942-45 and they were used by several government organizations to include the military, defense plant guards, police departments and various governmental security personnel. The Defense Supplies Corporation (DSC) began purchasing firearms for authorized purchasers in October of 1941, in 1942 the Army Ordnance Department took over the responsibility of ordering future revolvers from Colt on the DSC's behalf. Colt manufactured 2 and 4 inch versions of the Commando with the 2 inch version (AKA-Junior Commando) only being thought to number around 3,000 and valued at 2x the four inch version by collectors, in addition 1800 4 inch Commandos were reported shipped to the US Navy.

This Commando revolver has the acceptance mark of Brigadier General Guy H. Drewry (G.H.D.) on the upper left most part of the revolver and the "bomb" mark located below the GHD stamp is a ordinance acceptance stamp indicating ownership acceptance by the U.S. government.   This example is a original Commander rated at 99%+ and fully functional. The Colt wood plastic stocks are in mint condition and show the mold part numbers on the inside, a "10" and "5". Notice the lack of checkering on the trigger and cylinder release, these are a few of the corners cut to reduce the cost of manufacturing by Colt. The finish is referred to as a "Matte Blue", this finish serves two purposes - 1) Reduce the reflection of the fire arm and 2) reduce cost of the finish compared to the normal polished blue of the commercial Colts. Other markings found on Commandos include WB or Waldemar Broberg the previous inspector to G.H. Drewry; United States Property; P (Proof) and in a lot of cases no markings at all. Its not unusaul to find Commandos with differnt markings on them from where they were used, examples have been seen with state national guard and police department markings to name a few.

-One of the most famous people known to have carried a Colt Commando is General Eisenhower.
-The Smith & Wesson wartime equivalent of the Colt Commando was the Victory model revolver of which 758,297 were produced between 1941 and 1945.

Colt Commando 1943
Left Profile

Right Profile

GHD and Ordnance Bomb
acceptance marks

Colt Verified Proof mark (P inside a V)
 Non-checkered trigger

Note: Various
assemblers marks

Colt wood plastic stocks

Barrel Markings

1926 last patent date

Serial numbers

1943 Colt Commando - Top
1942 S&W Victory - Bottom
  From the collection of Ty Moore
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