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1907 Colt Sporting Model of 1902

The Model 1900 Automatic Pistol was the first Browning designed pistol manufactured by Colts. For Military purposes the M1900 had some serious shortcomings. The Ordinance Department then acquired the Model 1902, which is actually a 1900 but with the newer 1902 patent mark and some upgrades, for field trials. They had some changes incorporated into the design that was different than the commercial model pictured here. These included a slide lock and forward checkered slide serrations. Field trials on the 38 ACPs proved unsatisfactory, and the final recommendation from the trials was: The minimum acceptable caliber would be a .45.

 Approximately 7000 1902 Sporting models were produced between 1902 and 1912. This pistol was shipped in May of 1907. Click on images for larger versions.

Colt 1902 Sporting

Notice Colt verified proof mark in upper left hand corner

This is the rounded hammer. earlier models had a spur hammer

Brownings first barrel design was a dual link configuration pictured here.

Inspectors mark pictured on top of barrel

Top of frame, notice no disconnector in Brownings design yet.

Bottom of slide, with the "3" mark.
  •  Overall Length 8.9 inches

  • Barrel length 6 inches

  • Weight 35.5 ounces

  • 6927 Produced

  • Caliber 38 ACP

  • No safety or slide lock


  From the T. Moore collection

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