Colt M1909
.45 U.S. Army Revolver
Serial Number 33742

The War Department placed initial orders for 6000 New Service revolvers Caliber .45, on December, 17 1908.  These revolvers were intended as an interim solution to the lack of pistols created by the trials for the 1911 pistol and to provide for immediate needs in the Philippine Islands.  They were officially designated as" Colt's Double-Action Revolver, Caliber .45, Model of 1909".  The marking "U.S. ARMY MODEL 1909, No (Serial Number)" The serial number marked on the butt was the same number as was stamped under the crane on the receiver as well as on the crane.  The cylinder latch was marked on the rear with the last 4 digits of the serial number.  The stocks were hand numbered inside as well as marked on the butt with the inspectors initials "RAC" (Renaldo A. Carr.)  The right side of the receiver was also marked with the initials of the inspector as well as with those of the "Army Inspector of Ordnance".  Additional orders were placed in 1910 and 1911 for a grand total of 19,503 pistols.  The pistols were serial numbered from 30001 through 49503.  Pistols through serial number 42800 were accepted by the "Army Inspector of Ordnance" Colonel Frank Baker (F.B.) and the remaining pistols were accepted by Major Walter G. Penfield (W.G.P.)  350 of these pistols were shipped to Springfield Armory and the remainder (19153 pistols) were shipped to the Manila Ordnance Depot in the Philippine Islands.  This revolver was designed to fire a cartridge similar to the "Caliber .45 Long Colt" but with a wider rim to insure extraction.  Ref. Charles Clawson "Colt .45 Service Pistols, Models of 1911 and 1911A1" page 43.

Left profile

Right profile

U.S. Property Mark

Colt Legend

Model and S/N

Inspectors Cartouche
Renaldo A. Carr



Ejector Rod

Crane recess


Colt D.A. .45

Mills 1909 Holster

Mills 1909 Holster
From the collection of T. Moore

  • The Philippine Insurrection was fought from June, 1899 until March, 1901.  Although intermittent battles were fought until the final battle on June 15th, 1913 at Mount Bagsak.

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