1916 Colt
Government Model

This Colt Government Model serial number C 59176, was probably shipped in August of 1916. Most all of the Colts in the serial number range from C23,000 to C89,000 where shipped to foreign Governments (England, France, Argentina, Norway, and especially Russia who purchased approximately 51,100 pistols) for use in early WWI. Pistol C59176 is the lowest number Government Model serial number I have examined in the Pacific Northwest. The pistol appears to be in completely original through-out although in well used condition. This pistol has a normal Colts Manufacturing Co. Commercial lanyard loop magazine that was supplied with Government Models between about serial #C3500 and C95000.  These Commercial lanyard loop magazines can be distinguished from their military counterpart by the fine polishing of the outer surfaces compared to the non-reflective brushing of the military magazines.

Standard features of this Government Model include: Double diamond walnut grips, chamber area “in the white”, furnace blue (sometimes called royal blue) finish, long trigger, flat mainspring housing, and flat topped rear sight.  Pistols were usually shipped with an extra magazine, box, cleaning rod and instruction booklet.

From the T. Moore collection

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