Smith & Wesson Model Military & Police
U.S. Navy Serial Number 311
Date:(c)1900  S&W S/N 5504

A blue finished .38 caliber double action revolver with a 6 inch round barrel, checkered walnut grips and martial markings. Serial #5504, which matches on the bottom of the grip strap, barrel and cylinder, was purchased by the U.S. Navy on June 25, 1900.

This rare revolver was in the military's first purchase of S&W swing-out .38 caliber hand ejector revolvers. It is built on the round butt K- frame with service sights, case hardened hammer and trigger and no locking lug on the barrel. All S&W markings are correct for this year of manufacture. The military markings on the butt include USN and anchor, Navy serial #311 and inspectors' initials CAB, denoting inspection by Lt. Charles A. Brand. The military 5-point star stamped on these pieces is present on the barrel, cylinder crane and rear of the cylinder.

Upon purchase by the Navy, all 1000 pieces in this contract were shipped by S&W to the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Navy Yard-New York), from where they were distributed to various ships and stations. Naval records, from the National Archives and Records Administration indicate that portions of these 1000 firearms were assigned to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, for training of the cadets; and to the USS Maine (BB-10), the successor to the battleship of the same name sunk in Havana Harbor.

References: Smith & Wesson (1857-1945), by Robert J. Neal & Roy G. Jinks; Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, by Jim Supica & Richard Nahas; National Archives & Records Administration, Washington, D.C; National Archives - Northeast Region, New York, NY

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