Recoil spring guide, spring plug, and spring 

Recoil Spring Plug: (Click on images for larger versions)
The first plugs were not punched.  They tended to get jettisoned by the recoil spring during disassembly and the Ordnance inspector suggested the punch hole be added to prevent the problem from re-occurring .

Top - Rectangular profile beginning about 6500 (Face checkered)
Bottom - Round nosed profile beginning about 40000 (Face checkered)

Checkered Recoil Spring Plug Original on all M1911s and M1911A1s

1) No punches from 0 to about 6500 (Face checkered)
2) Contractors did manufacture serrated plugs for replacement use.

Recoil Spring Guide:
There are two variations on this part.
It was modified due to the tips braking off

Early type with the sharp legs
From 1 to about 109000

Later type with rounded legs
From about 109000 to end of production

Taper at front of guide rod was added about serial number
108,000 and remained until the end of production

Recoil Spring: To be added

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