Grip safety

Grip Safeties: Here are some samples of proper grip safeties. Post WWII the spur had a stamp on it which was a "C" in a box. If you see that stamp its more then likely a arsenal replacement part. (Click on images for larger versions)

Fig 1 - 1912 Colt

Fig 2- 1915 Springfield- Notice "S" stamp
(Type used from 1911 to 1945)

Fig 3- 1918-1919 Colt

Fig 4- 1945 Ithaca - Spur is rounder
and sits out further

Fig 5- 1944 Colt - Spur

Fig 6- 1945 Remington Rand

Note: Compare Figures 2 and 7 side by  side to look at the differences between the 1911 and 1911A1 Grip safety. 

Fig 7- Post WWII USGI Replacement Part. Notice the "C" stamp in box


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