Thumb safety

Thumb Safety Locks: (Click on images for larger versions) There are over four different variations on this component so make sure your gun has the correct one or one close to the pistols serial number range as some times there would be overlap. Note: The Springfield 1911 thumb pieces where slightly different from the mid-1918 production one, the thumb piece was thinner than the  others see Figure 6A

Figure 4 is a 1945 Remington Rand 1911A1 style thumb safety. Notice the smooth contour underneath. (Click on image)
Figure 4A is a 1944 Colt 1911A1 style thumb safety (Click on image)
Figure 5
is a 1914 to 1918 Colt style. Notice the thick thumb piece and machine-cut (mill work) under the thumb piece.
Figure 6
is a mid 1918 to 1919 Colt thumb safety (Click on image for larger image) (Click on image)
Figure 6A is a Colts first style thumb safety, thinner lip, and sharper edges.
Figure 6B
is a 1914 Springfield 1911 thumb safety (Click on image)
Figure 7A/B is a US&S 1911A1 thumb safety
(Click on image)
Figure 8 Ithaca serrated thumb safety


1) Serrated thumb safety observed on Ithacas as early as the 1.2M range
2) Some Du-Lite Ithacas observed have had serrated thumb safeties.
3) Only Ithaca used serrated thumb safety.

Figure 4
(R. Rand M1911A1)

Figure 4A
(Colt M1911A1)

Figure 5
(Colt 1914-18 M1911)

Figure 6
(Colt 1918-19 M1911)

Figure 6A
Colt (1912-13, M1911)

Figure 6B
(Springfield M1911)
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Figure 7A

(US&S M1911A1) 

Figure 7B
(US&S M1911A1) 

Figure 8
(Ithaca M1911A1)

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