One of the noticeable differences between the 1911 and 1911A1 is the trigger. The 1911s had long triggers that where milled throughout production.  Remington Rand, Singer and Colt started production of 1911A1s with the short milled trigger.  All switched to the stamped trigger invented at Ithaca, after it was adopted except Singer who was no longer making pistols. Colt did not switch until into 1944. Stamped trigger assemblies where adopted by the ordnance department in August of 1942.

1914 Springfield 1911
Milled long trigger

1916 to 1919 Colt M1911
Milled long trigger

Milled long trigger found on Remington UMC, NA, Springfield's, and Colts.

1927 Colt 1911A1
Milled short trigger

1943 US&S
Stamped Du-Lite blued trigger
They are smooth finished,
not sand blasted.

1942 Colt
Milled trigger

1944-45 Colt
Stamped parkerized trigger

1943-45 Ithaca
Stamped trigger - Very early Ithacas had a milled trigger.

1942-43 Remington Rand
Milled trigger

1943-45 Remington Rand
Stamped parkerized trigger

(Augusta Arsenal Trigger)
Rework Part

In September of 1943 the rear trigger bow was modified (has a 1/2 inch notch cut out) to eliminate interference with the sear. Click on image for larger version

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