Remington Rolling Block
U.S. Navy Model 1867 .50 Caliber
Date:(c)1870  S/N 2834

The Model 1867 is a conversion of the Model 1865, which was the first self contained cartridge pistol purchased by the U.S. Navy. The Navy was having issues with moisture and the powder becoming damp so they pushed Remington to develop a self contained cartridge pistol.

Remington produced 6,500 model 1865 pistol and converted 6,358 to Model 1867 specifications. The Model 1865 was originally inspected  by Frank C. Warner a civilian inspector appointed by the Navy. His mark of a "P" over "FCW" can be seen on the left side of the frame. The serial number of 2834 is located on the bottom of the barrel and a assembly number of 111 is located on the inside edges of the front and back grip straps as well as the inside of the grip/stock.

The Model 1867 is a center fire .50 caliber with 7 inch barrel. Inspection of the Model 1867 was performed by four different inspectors from 1870 to 1875. This pistol was inspected by Commodore W.D. Whitney and his mark of "I/W.D.W" can be found on the barrel just forward of the breech. Other known inspectors marks include "EB", "J.M.B.C.", and "H.E.".  On the left grip a cartouche can be seen of FCW (Frank C. Warner). The model 1867 was reported onboard 33 U.S. Naval ships between 1871 and 1872. This pistol remains 100% functional, just as the day it shipped.

Left Profile

Right Profile

Inspection mark

Grip cartouche - FCW

Remington legend
and patents

1865 Navy civilian
inspectors mark

Top view

Hammer cocked

Breech open

Assembly numbers

Assembly numbers

U.S. Navy - 1877

The model 1865  had the following differences:

  • Spur trigger with no trigger guard

  • 8 1/2 inch barrel

  • Rim fire

From the collection
of T. Moore

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