Smith & Wesson .38 S&W CTG
 M&P Pre-Victory Model
"P" Proof with British proofs
Date: 1940-41 S/N 726112

This is a commercial production .38-200 that has a U.S. Military proof on the butt and British Birmingham proofs. The Military proof is located on the but opposite of the serial number. This gun has the uncommon 6 inch barrel and a "B O" marking located under the grip. One other interesting fact is the production of these revolvers started in the 700,000 range making this one of the very early serial numbers (first two months of production). It is finished in a polished commercial blue with the early commercial checkered grips.

The S&W .38-200 was by far the leading U.S. handgun shipped to countries participating in the lend-lease program. The British armed forces of the Army, RAF, and SOE all used used this model. The marks notable on this gun include a U.S. "P" Proof mark on the butt and the British Birmingham commercial proof marks. Approximately 570,000 produced between 1940 and 1945.

Left Profile

Right Profile

Hammer patent

Butt Serial Number

Proof Mark (P)

B O marking

S&W legend, Birmingham Definitive Proof, and Nitro Proof

Birmingham View Mark

Crane and crane recess
  • Commercial blue finish with commercial checkered grips

  • "P" is the standard U.S. Military Proof mark and is usually located on the butt of the revolver. It has also been observed on the barrel and cylinder.

  • This revolver also has British proof marks

  • Serial number located on butt, back of cylinder, under barrel, ejector spur, and inside right grip

  • 6 inch barrel

  • "B O" marking on in-side grip strap has been observed on revolvers purchased by allies on 8/22/40, its meaning is not yet known

  • Matching numbers on crane and crane recess

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