S&W M1917
January, 1918 Production

SN 16500

Smith & Wesson produced approximately 169,595 U.S. Army Model 1917 Revolvers between 1917 and 1919. This example has the ordnance acceptance mark of GHS (Col. Gilbert H. Stewart) which is only seen on approximately the first 40,000 revolvers produced. Butt is marked “US Army Model 1917- No 16500”. This very early production has the better commercial style finish. The first contract WAR-ORD-14451-R31 was dated August 8th, 1917 for 100,000 revolvers at $14.75 each.  This was the first of two contracts to provide Model 1917s to the U.S. Army. Less then 25% of the S&W M1917 revolvers have the GHS stamp.

  • The Original finish on the S&W M1917 was bright polish blue with case hardened hammer and trigger, they were configured to use the .45 ACP ammo with a moon clip (holds 3 bullets, also allows for extraction).

  • The inspectors mark of Col. Gilbert H. Stewart (GHS) can be found on the left side of the receiver until April, 1918 and then a Ordnance insignia (bomb) until end of production.

  • The serial number can be found on the butt, back of cylinder, underside of barrel, inside right grip, underside of extractor, inside of crane.

  • "United States Property" mark is located on the bottom of the barrel.

  • Barrel is tapered. Unlike the M1909 barrel.

Left profile

Right profile

Ordinance acceptance mark


Barrel Patent

U.S. Property Mark

Barrel Caliber

Barrel Serial Number and
"S" inspectors mark

Crane and recess and
inspectors mark

Serial Number and
"S" inspectors mark
From the Ty Moore

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