Smith & Wesson .38 S&W CTG
 38/200 British Service Revolver
"United States Property" with British proofs
Date Shipped: January, 1942
S/N 881857

The S&W .38-200 was by far the leading U.S. handgun shipped to countries participating in the lend-lease program. The British armed forces of the Army, RAF, and SOE all used used this model. The marks notable on this gun include U.S. Property mark, W.B. inspectors cartouche, and the British Birmingham commercial proof marks. Approximately 570,000 produced between 1940 and 1945.

This revolver was shipped on January 12th, 1942 and delivered to the Hartford Ordnance Depot, 95 State St., Springfield MA, the local processing center for the lend lease contract revolvers being delivered to the allied forces. They were then shipped to Britain for final distribution.

Left Profile

Right Profile

U.S. Property mark

S&W Letter regarding
this revolver - PG 1

S&W Letter regarding
this revolver - PG 2

S&W Logo

Birmingham View Mark

WB, Ordnance insignia (bomb),
and Proof Mark (P)

Cartridge marking

Nitro Proof

Birmingham Definitive Proof
From the collection of
T. Moore
  • W.B. = Waldemar Broburg inspected from July 1, 1941 to June 16, 1942. G.H.D. replaced W.B.

  • This revolver also has British proof marks and falls in the range of revolvers transferred under the lend lease act to Brittan.

  • Serial number located on butt, back of cylinder, under barrel, and inside right grip

  • 5 inch barrel

  • Some were converted to .38 Special and if non-factory -10% off value

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