Smith & Wesson .38 S&W CTG
 Victory Model
"United States Property"
Date: 1943 S/N V404631

The Victory model was so named for the "V" prefix which was placed before the serial number and represented "Victory" against the Axis powers in World War II. The revolver shown here was manufactured in late 1943 and accepts the .38 S&W cartridge. The acceptance mark of Ordnance officer Guy H. Drewry was on the left top strap from about V300000 to end of production, prior to the period of July 1942 to about May 1943 it was found on the butt. The property mark was shortened to "U.S. Property" at about serial number V300000 to make room for the acceptance mark that was relocated. Just to the left of the property mark is a ordnance bomb mark. On the butt to the left of the serial number is a upside-down "P" mark which indicates this revolver has passed military proof testing. There were over 571,629 of these models produced between October 1941 and May 1945 for the British Common wealth countries.

This revolver was part of the United States Government Lend Lease contract and shipped September 24th, 1943 to the Hartford Depot in Springfield, MA. The Hartford Depot was the operations center for the lend lease program. See details from S&W in the letter below.

Left Profile

Right Profile

Ordnance mark, U.S. property mark and Guy H. Drewry acceptance mark

Letter from S&W on this revolver

S&W Letter page 2

Proof mark and serial number

S&W legend

Caliber mark

Cylinder serial number

Grip screw

Grip w/ serial number
  • GHD is the U.S. military inspection mark of Guy H. Drewry. Found on top straps from V300000 to end of production, prior on butt from 7/42 until moved in 1943.
  • P on butt is military Proof mark
  • "U.S. Property" started on top strap at about V300000 (May 1943), prior to that it was "United States Property".
  • This revolver has a 5 inch barrel. (5 inch was standard after April 1942)
  • Serial number is found on barrel, frame (butt), cylinder, under extractor star, and inside grips.

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